Stunning Boutique Hotel Photography and Video

There is no other more valuable asset in the marketing of your boutique hotel than beautiful photography. Excellent images are the single biggest factor that a potential client will use in deciding whether they are going to book at your establishment or the one down the road. The investment that you make in professional photography and video is essential to the success of your business. The photos that I create for you will be paid for many times over by the amount of clients that they attract.


Boutique Hotel Photography Package - $1,000 U.S.

Package Includes
– Fifteen professional interior photographs
– Ten exterior photos of the rooms and grounds
– Professional interior stylist
– Ten drone photographs
– Delivery of final thirty-five photographs
– Five year license for use in web, print and social media campaigns

Boutique Hotel Photo and Video Package- $2,000 U.S.

Package Includes
– All of the photos listed in the Photo package above.
– A 1 minute long, professionally directed, edited and produced video showcasing the amenities, environment, and local places.
– 5 ten second reels for Instagram and/or other media outlets.
– Thirty seconds of drone video.